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I went in 16 years ago thinking I had a cold; Dr. Wei diagnosed me and I’ve been their patient ever since. Dr. Wei is the best doctor I’ve had and I tell you, he’s very skilled and informative. I’ve had a pacemaker for 5 years and I couldn’t ask for a better doctor.

Doris Maxey

Physician: C. Wei

I feel great after my treatment with Vital Heart & Vein. I am a completely different person. I was down at Mayo maybe 12 or 14 years ago but other than that I have not been to any other treatment center. I would really rank them, they know what they are doing.

Torrey Clark

Physician: Morales

I wish all medical doctors cared and took care of their patients as good as Dr. Wei does. [He] works hand-in-hand with my primary care physician to see that I have a very comfortable and satisfactory life.

Jack Morrison

Physician: C. Wei

I originally went for my heart condition; however, now I visit on a quarterly basis and I feel excellent!

Eddie Fenner

Physician: C. Wei

Doctor Lim is just quite the doctor. She’s very attentive and listens to you, not just my heart but how I feel and if there’s anything else affecting me and that makes me feel very confident and comfortable with her.

Bradley Burditt

Physician: C. Lim

Dr. Gnaim and Dr. Agarwal are my heros. Dr. Gnaim saved my life and Dr. Agarwal has kept me going the last five years. You cannot be treated by a better team of professionals. I have had the opportunity to see some of the best cardiologists in Houston and the Woodlands – but for me, I’ll never do that. Why? Dr. Agarwal has great credentials, is caring, gives great medical advice, and is always abreast of current developments in cardiac care. In addition, he understands my specific needs as a patient and responds to them.

Reba Kingsbury

Physician: Gnaim & Agarwal