What is American Heart Month?

Each February, American Heart Month arrives with the purpose of bringing awareness to heart disease and stroke. The month-long recognition serves to educate the public on the number one cause of death in the United States. As heart doctors, Vital Heart & Vein considers American Heart Month to be one of the most important health awareness events of the year.

American Heart Month encourages the public to make heart health a priority and is designed to bring awareness to many factors surrounding heart disease, such as risk factors, symptoms, complications, and new treatment options and tools that arise as we make further advances. We also promote healthy lifestyles that can lead to greater heart health, including healthier diets and regular exercise.

The first American Heart Month was recognized in 1964, when President Lyndon B. Johnson declared it so. Since that time, heart health in the United States has improved greatly, largely thanks to increased knowledge on causes and remedies. However, despite our advances, heart disease remains a serious and important issue. With more than 17 million deaths each year, heart disease and stroke are the number one causes of death in America. By 2030, that number could reach 23.6 million. Heart disease and stroke cost the country nearly $1 billion a day in a combination of medical costs and money lost due to low productivity.

The month includes specific actions and events, such as National Wear Red Day, the Million Hearts® initiative, and awareness activities targeted to both men and women.

There are several small ways you can encourage your loved ones to get involved with American Heart Month. Heart health begins at home with simple lifestyle changes, such as using spices to flavor and enhance food instead of salt. If you have children in school, reach out to administrators to see how they are encouraging physical exercise to get kids started early down the path to heart health. Reach out to doctors and nurses to see how you can get involved in helping educate the community.

The heart specialists at Vital Heart & Vein encourage a proactive approach to heart health year-round, but the push in February is nice because it makes it more visible to the public eye. Together, we believe that we can help Americans appreciate the value of a heart-healthy lifestyle and be on our way to a healthier future.

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