Dr. Charlie Gnaim Talks Vein Treatment

Does having a vein procedure mean surgery? Dr. Gnaim discusses minimally invasive vein treatment and healthy circulation. Then we hear from one of Dr. Gnaim’s patients as she opens up about her struggle with venous disease.

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Men & Women

Vital Heart & Vein’s cardiologists Dr. Lim, Dr. Atashband, and Dr. Iliskovic kick off National Heart Month with an educational video discussing risk factors of heart disease and the differences of symptoms between men and women.

Jackie’s Story

Hear from Jackie about his struggles with cardiovascular disease and how a transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR) procedure performed by Dr. Foteh saved his life.

Vital Heart & Vein Humble Grand Opening

Friends and physicians alike gathered for the official Grand Opening of our Vital Heart & Vein location in Humble.

Vital Heart & Vein: Dr. Mazen Ganim

President and Co-founder, Dr. Mazen Ganim, offers information about the start and eventual expansion of Vital Heart & Vein.