Live Life To The Fullest


Barbara C.

Physician: A. Atashband

Dr. Atashband is great. Extremely compassionate and knowledgeable in innovative medical care. Highly recommend.

Robert A.

Physician: R. Ganim

Dr. Ricky Ganim listens to my concerns and has great suggestions. I have been under his care for over 10 years.

Walter B.

Physician: R. Zaid

Outstanding, perfect bedside manner, very positive attitude in talking with you on a one-to-one basis, would highly recommend his services [to] anyone looking for a cardiologist.


Physician: J. Saunders

Yes, he is very kind, thorough, approachable, explains things, and encourages good health habits. Takes his time with you.

Leatta I.

Physician: M. Codreanu

After having [the] test completed, Dr. Codreanu has come up with a plan to help combat my leg pain, my leg issues, and to help give to me a better quality of life.

Janie N.

Physician: E. Baptista

Dr. Baptista listens and explains everything clearly. Would recommend him to anyone with heart problems.

Jo G.

Physician: N. Iliskovic

Dr. Iliskovic listens to me and takes time to explain things. I certainly appreciate her expertise!!

Douglas I.

Physician: M. Daniel

Dr. Daniel listened to my concerns and told me exactly what was going on and the steps forward to ensure I was properly diagnosed.


Physician: C. Wei

Excellent doctor. Always answers all my questions and makes sure I understand everything. I never feel like I’m being rushed. He has been my heart doctor for 15 years and has taken excellent care of me.

David M.

Physician: D. Wong

Dr. Wong was very engaging as a doctor and very friendly. He is very good at making a patient analysis just from questions he asks; not putting you on the defense. He seems to be extremely knowledgeable in his field and I’m grateful to have him as my doctor.


Physician: C. Gnaim

Dr. Gnaim is very personable and easy to talk to. I was really impressed with his professionalism and demeanor. The entire staff was very pleasant and respectful.

Kathryn W.

Physician: K. Foteh

Doctor Foteh is the best!! Always on time, caring, listens, eases any concerns.

Joe S.

Physician: S. Sdringola-Maranga

Doctor Sdringola is extremely informative and compassionate. He provides a high level of personal care. I trust him with my life and the lives of loved ones and friends.

Barbara S.

Physician: R. Lingle

Very professional. Dr. Lingle was prompt and on time for my appointment. He was very thorough and seemed to genuinely take an interest in my problem.

Beverly R.

Physician: P. Wong

Dr. Wong has seen me for many years. He is an excellent physician who has a great bedside manner. I recommend him without reservation.


Physician: M. Lim

I am very satisfied with Dr. Lim’s professional service. I’ll be her patient [for] the rest of my journey and definitely recommend her to family and friends.


Physician: K. Khalaf

Everything a great doctor should be. All you could want in a physician. Trusted my life to him. I’m still here.