vein treatment houston

Barbara S.

Very professional. Dr. Lingle was prompt and on time for my appointment. He was very thorough and seemed to genuinely take an interest in my problem.


I am very satisfied with Dr. Lim’s professional service. I’ll be her patient [for] the rest of my journey and definitely recommend her to family and friends.


Everything a great doctor should be. All you could want in a physician. Trusted my life to him. I’m still here.

Jo G.

Dr. Iliskovic listens to me and takes time to explain things. I certainly appreciate her expertise!!


Dr. Gnaim is very personable and easy to talk to. I was really impressed with his professionalism and demeanor. The entire staff was very pleasant and respectful.

Robert A.

Dr. Ricky Ganim listens to my concerns and has great suggestions. I have been under his care for over 10 years.

Bill S.

I appreciate having my cardiac care being provided by Dr. Ganim. Super knowledgeable and he takes the necessary time to explain everything to me so I am well informed.

Kathryn W.

Doctor Foteh is the best!! Always on time, caring, listens, eases any concerns.

Douglas I.

Dr. Daniel listened to my concerns and told me exactly what was going on and the steps forward to ensure I was properly diagnosed.

Leatta I.

After having [the] test completed, Dr. Codreanu has come up with a plan to help combat my leg pain, my leg issues, and to help give to me a better quality of life.