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Meet Dr. Khaled Khalaf

Dr. Khaled Khalaf, a cardiologist at Vital Heart & Vein, has devoted his life to patients who need medical care for heart-related conditions. Listen to Dr. Khaled Khalaf as he talks about his background and how he provides quality care for patients with heart conditions through the use of advanced technology.

Walter B.

Outstanding, perfect bedside manner, very positive attitude in talking with you on a one-to-one basis, would highly recommend his services [to] anyone looking for a cardiologist.

Beverly R.

Dr. Wong has seen me for many years. He is an excellent physician who has a great bedside manner. I recommend him without reservation.

David M.

Dr. Wong was very engaging as a doctor and very friendly. He is very good at making a patient analysis just from questions he asks; not putting you on the defense. He seems to be […]

Nancy B.

Dr. Wei and his staff are professional, efficient, and caring. I’m happy to be his patient.


Excellent doctor. Always answers all my questions and makes sure I understand everything. I never feel like I’m being rushed. He has been my heart doctor for 15 years and has taken excellent care of […]

Joe S.

Doctor Sdringola is extremely informative and compassionate. He provides a high level of personal care. I trust him with my life and the lives of loved ones and friends.


Yes, he is very kind, thorough, approachable, explains things, and encourages good health habits. Takes his time with you.