The holidays are the time of year to reflect on all the joys in our lives. Friends, family, prosperity, and good health are all things to celebrate. Don’t just take your blessings for granted. The holidays may be all about the fun, but you don’t have to let your health slide. You can help keep your health in tip-top shape by following just a few simple guidelines over the holidays.

Keep it moving

couple jogging in the snow to keep heart healthy even during winter

The holiday season coincides with cold temperatures rolling in, leading most of us to want to curl up under some blankets by the fireplace. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some relaxation—that’s one of the perks of the season, after all—but just remember to log some activity in your day. The blustery temps may keep you from taking your fitness routine outdoors, but there are still lots of winter-appropriate exercises that won’t leave you shivering in the cold. Knock out two things at once by doing your shopping at the mall. You can go early before they open to avoid congestion, and be ready to cross items off your holiday shopping list once you’re done.

Treat yourself, within reason

Yes, it can be hard to resist all the holiday goodies beckoning you at every turn. But there are still delicious things to be eaten that won’t put too much stress on your heart. Forgo the sugar-laden iced reindeer cookies and choose these Cranberry-Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies instead. They are packed with heart-healthy ingredients such as whole wheat, oats, and omega-3-laden walnuts.

Healthier treats can be just as decadent as their higher-fat cousins, as is evident with these Brownies With Butterscotch Drizzle. Bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate as well as whole wheat flour and low-fat sour cream and milk cut the sugar content. They are so rich you won’t even notice!

Stress less

preparing for a dinner

As festive as the holidays are, they can bring about some additional stress. In fact, heart attacks peak on Christmas and New Year’s Day. It’s important not to get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. Remember that this time of year is about celebrating blessings, not running around stressing over gifts. Giving is all part of the fun, but don’t let it get you overwhelmed.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season spending time with your loved ones. To ensure your heart is in its best health this winter, visit Vital Heart & Vein.