3/15/2021 - Videos

Meet Dr. Khaled Khalaf

Dr. Khaled Khalaf, a cardiologist at Vital Heart & Vein, has devoted his life to patients who need medical care for heart-related conditions. Listen to Dr. Khaled Khalaf as he talks about his background and how he provides quality care for patients with heart conditions through the use of advanced technology.

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12/18/2020 - Blog, Heart Disease

How to Diagnose Heart Arrhythmia

Before discussing how to diagnose heart arrhythmia, it’s important to define the term. Arrhythmia (or dysrhythmia) is a term used to describe abnormal or irregular heartbeats, and are characterized by heartbeats that are too slow, […]

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10/20/2020 - Videos

Understanding PET Scans with Dr. Sdringola-Maranga

With over 25 years of experience in cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology and nuclear cardiology Dr. Stefano Sdringola-Maranga is an expert on cardiac PET scans. This scans are most accurate non-invasive technology for visualizing blood flow in heart muscle supplied by coronary arteries. Listen to Dr. Stefano Sdringola-Maranga discuss this advanced technology used at Vital Heart & Vein.

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9/22/2020 - Videos

Meet Dr. Michael Daniel

Help us welcome Dr. Michael Daniel to the Vital Heart & Vein team! Dr. Daniel specializes in cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology. Learn first-hand about his background, specialties, and the treatments he will provide at Vital Heart & Vein.

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